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Why Your Next Flooring Could Be Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof flooring isn’t just a flooring type, like luxury vinyl, hardwood or carpet. This is an option that actually embraces several materials, giving you so much more to choose from than you might have imagined. For instance, you can find imperviousness to water in luxury vinyl, ceramic & porcelain tile, natural stone, and more. It’s an option that adds the ultimate peace of mind to the amazing benefits of whichever material you actually choose. That’s a package deal that seems very worth a little extra research.

Champion Floor Company intends to allow all our passion for our work to show, every time we serve a customer. From high quality, affordable products, to design services that bring it all together, we’re here to make sure you get exactly what you want for your floors. We already do so for the residents of St. Louis, Clayton, Kirkwood, Manchester, and Brentwood. If you’ll stop by our St. Louis, MO showroom, we’d love to do the same for you as well.


Waterproof flooring facts

While researching waterproof flooring, you’re quite likely to hear the term “WPC”. This actually stands for “wood plastic composite” and is most often incorporated into luxury vinyl plank. With the word wood in the acronym, you needn’t worry about any actual wood being used to make the product. Products such as wood resin are used in its creation to afford you with a core that is completely impervious to water.

If you’ve ever had a pipe burst, or an appliance to malfunction and overflow, then you already know the damage that these scenarios can create. The fact is, accidents happen every day, and no one is immune from that. Instead of crossing your fingers and wishing for the best, you could instead take a proactive approach and install waterproof flooring.

The peace of mind you’ll be left with is hard to put a price tag on, and should you ever actually be in a situation to truly need it to perform, it will surely be worth it. The upfront price increase will be nothing compared to the price of replacing and entire room’s worth of flooring, or more.

In addition to the monumental peace of mind this floor covering brings, you’ll also be able to find a look that matches your decor, no matter what it is. From minimal themes, to the wildest artistic expressions, there’s something for everyone in waterproof flooring.

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