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Affordable, durable, & stain resistant



The unique ingredient used to produce vinyl, aka PVC (poly-vinyl-chloride), as opposed to other plastics, is salt (NaCl, sodium chloride). Salt is cheap, naturally occurring, and readily available — a truly renewable resource.

VCT is distinguished by the its primary raw ingredient - limestone, a naturally abundant material. Almost 65 percent of vinyl composition tile is made of limestone. This is referred to as a “filler” material. VCT is most commonly used in high-traffic commercial applications and public spaces, such as retail stores and schools. It is known for being highly durable and easy to maintain and all for less cost than most other material alternatives.

LVT is characterized by a higher vinyl content than VCT, which means its less porous but just as durable. Often, LVT flooring will have a photographic-film top surface, that can realistically replicate stone or wood, so it makes a great, less-expensive alternative to those actual flooring materials.

Key Advantages:
  • Durability for high traffic areas
  • Photographic film top surface -realistically replicates stone or wood!
  • Easy to maintain
  • Affordable