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What Ceramic & Porcelain Tile Can Add To Your Home

As one of the oldest floor coverings in the world, ceramic & porcelain tile have a long history of providing exactly what a homeowner needs. With regard to style, it offers elegance that can be tailored to each specific homeowner’s needs, no matter how they vary. When it comes to lifespan, many homeowners are happy to find this is the last floor covering they’ll need to install. There’s so much to find out about this floor covering, and we’re here to tell you a little more.

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Ceramic & porcelain tile for every room

Nothing is quite as versatile as ceramic & porcelain tile. Some people consider them the same product, but there are actually subtle differences that can mean one will work better for you than the other.

Porcelain, for example, is made of only the highest quality clays, and offers an all-natural look that’s simple, yet elegant. Fired at high kiln temperatures, it’s also dense, hard, and extremely water resistant. For this reason, it’s often found in the bathroom, and even inside the shower itself. In any situation where water is involved, it’s best to add a gritty, anti-slip coating to avoid any chance of falling.

Ceramic is a much more brightly colored alternative that offers a wide variety of decorating options. You can choose to create a floor that is a solid color, a wild pattern, or an intricate mosaic that is as unique as the rest of your home. In either situation, tiles can be cut and shaped, even as small as postage stamps, to achieve just the look you’d like.

While ceramic & porcelain tile are often thought of as candidates only for bathrooms and foyers, they are truly at home in any space at all. In the kitchen, they provide the same great resistance to spills, moisture, humidity and changing temperatures. In bedrooms, they offer an excellent resistance to allergens and more. They are even perfect for living rooms and dens, as they can be an excellent conversation starter.

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