When I sat down to write this blog, I wanted to write about all the things that the smaller retailers are doing right and the big box store can’t possible control on scale. I wanted to talk about the difference in people, product knowledge, experience, etc. But then I figured most people already know this. I know from my own experience in the flooring industry that many times we are the flooring education source, the flooring sample source, the room measurement source, and then we lose the actual flooring sale to a big box store and an online retailer due to price. Hey, I get it! Price is important. Budgets are important. And, I know I have probably been guilty of it myself in the past.
But, for this post I want to talk about something else. I want to remind my readers about the community aspect of buying from your Saint Louis retailer. I saw a post on Facebook yesterday that embodied this concept to a tee. I’ll share the post with this published blog, but here’s what it said:

Let me tell you, I will definitely buy your baked goods! But also, we are employing our Saint Louis community. We are supporting our local church sports teams, funding Girl & Boy Scout troops, sponsoring charity golf scrambles and St. Louis high school gymnastics tournaments. We are supporting the Saint Louis community shelters and food banks. Small businesses and local business owners donate to causes that directly influence our community.

So, to my fellow Saint Louisans, keep in mind when we shop local we aren’t making our neighbors rich, we are enriching our neighborhoods.