What a great question. SO MANY ANSWERS! We often get this statement from our customers, “I want to buy good carpet.” But that is such an open-ended proclamation that it is hard to answer without asking our customers more. We need to know about their lifestyle and which rooms that the carpet is going into.  Do they have kids? Pets? What is their expectation for softness? 

Good carpet could mean carpet that will stand up to the rigorous dirtying and cleanup of life with a toddler. Or, good carpet could mean carpet that is a luxurious pile with décor more important than clean-ability.  Maybe your space has wheelchair traffic. Are you a strict no-shoe household? That’s why you need to shop with a salesperson that has experience and knowledge of it all. Finding the cheapest carpet on the market is easy. Finding the right carpet for your project takes an educated expert in all things flooring. If you are in the market for good carpet in St. Louis, I invite you to get our showroom a look. Our expert staff can help you balance your budget with your project to be sure you are getting the best carpet for the job.