I hear it all the time, “ I have a small bathroom, so I need a small tile.” But, I am here to tell you that small rooms don’t necessitate small tiles! In fact, larger format tiles can actaully help make your small space seem bigger.
By choosing a larger tile, we are eliminating extra grout lines. This simplification of the layout will give the illision of a larger floor space. Alternatively, smaller tiles will require more tiles, requiring more grout lines which busy the floor space. That creates the illisuion of a smaller space overall.
Check out these 5’ x 8’ bathrooms for a visual of just how the different sized tiles can change the overall look and feel of a room.

A.    6” x 6” tile, straight set installation
B.    12” x 12” tile, straight set installation
C.    18” x 18” tile, straight set installation
D.    18” x 18” tile, diagonal installation 

Talk with your Champion Floor Company salesperson about the layout and tile size BEFORE you purchase your tile flooring. You may want to consider a larger format tile to help make those small spaces feel bigger.