If you’ve ever read any of my past blogs or are just a previous customer of Champion Floor Company here in Saint Louis, you know I am consistently reinforcing that wood flooring is an investment in your home. Unlike carpet or LVT, hardwood is a structural improvement and becomes part of your house. Whether you are just refinishing wood floors that were there when you bought your home or installing new hardwood floors for the first time, you know that there is a significant financial investment that comes along with wood floors. So what are you doing to protect your investment? 

The easiest answer I give to people is to buy a whole-home humidifier. That will give you the most control over the expansion and contraction of the wood floors. But that always leads to the next questions, “how do I know what my floor needs?”, “When do I need to add moisture?”, “When will I know it has enough?” The answer was always been a visual cue. You’ll know if it is dry because the damage is already happening. The boards are already shrinking. Or, the boards are already cupping with too much moisture. 

But, there’s new technology coming to the market. What if you could adjust your humidifier to correct a problem before your floors started to shrink or swell? Imagine if your floor could tell you it was getting too dry BEFORE you could see the problem. What if the technology was as easy as opening up an app on your phone? 

Champion Floor Company is excited to bring SmartPlank to the Saint Louis market. With SmartPlank, you can have the beauty of real hardwood flooring, the customized look of job-finished or prefinished wood, and the most cutting edge technology in the industry. SmartPlank allows your floor to wirelessly talk to your phone and gives you the power to protect your hardwood floor investment. 

SmartPlank is exclusive to Champion Floor Company (in Saint Louis) and we invite you to stop by our showroom to take a look at the future of wood floor technology.  Wood flooring just got smarter.