The contract is signed and the project is ready to start. Are you ready?
  • Clean out the rooms: Obviously, we will need to have the rooms empty of furniture and anything else on the floor in order to replace or refinish the floors. You would be surprised how many people want to keep items in a room. Yes, even your piano needs to be moved. Some items, like mirrors or shelved items in a closet may be able to stay, depending on the scope of work and the company.
  • Paint the room: This is a GREAT time to get a room painted, especially if you’ve already removed the furniture. You don’t have to worry about drop clothes over the floors! But, be sure that the paint can be touched up. This is a construction project and wall may get marred or nicked. You also want to be sure that the paint has had time to dry. The moisture from drying paint can negatively affect drying times for wood floor finishes.
  • Figure out access: Some homeowners are home while work is being performed. Many don’t have that option. If you aren’t there to open the door, how will the techs get access to your home? You can use a lockbox, give a key directly to the company, or even give access through a garage with a code or opener. These days also allow for specialty door codes that can be changed after construction is complete. Whatever makes you comfortable but also allows for the techs to get into the home.
  • Be prepared for shifts in schedules: Again, this is a construction project. When one job runs long, the next job starts late. Unexpected problems can arise when we start tearing up old flooring layers. If your timeline cannot be somewhat flexible, then it’s not a great time to start the project.

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