You'll learn about "wear layers" when you need a durable luxury vinyl tile or plank. That's because they're such an integral part of the flooring and its durability.

Wear layers offer several options that you'll want to know more about. And the more you before you shop, the better decisions you can make when you shop.

What is a wear layer?

A wear layer is situated between the image layer and the protective topcoat. Its most important job is to protect the visual appeal of your flooring.

But it also helps to resist dents, dings, and scratches for better-looking LVT flooring. And it's available in various thicknesses so you can customize your results to fit your needs.

Why choose a thicker wear layer?

The thicker the wear layer, the more time it will take for wear to affect the visual. But it also resists daily wear better than a thinner wear layer.

Not only will you have floors that look better. But you'll also find the lifespan is longer, which translates into savings over time.

How to know if a wear layer wears out?

The most obvious sign is when you start seeing your luxury vinyl plank or tile image begin to fade or wear off. That means everyday life has worn through the protective topcoat and the wear layer.

As we mentioned, you can guard against this with a thicker wear layer. But you can also make use of area rugs and runners.

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