Carpet Shopping Tips

Most people will buy more cars in a lifetime than rooms of carpet. So for such an in-frequent purchase that is so important and so expensive, here are a few tips to get you started.

Start with a reputable company not a reputable carpet:

Let me break it down, you are going to have to work with a sales person in some capacity to purchase and install your new carpet. And, you are going to have to rely on said sales person for information. Even if you plan to do your own research, knowledgeable staff at a company that stands behind the sale and installation will make a world of difference.

Talk to your sales person about how you plan to USE the carpet, not just what you want it to look like:

Here’s a little secret from the industry, there’s carpet that’s meant to be lived on, and there’s carpet that’s meant to be looked at. If you have 4 kids and 3 pets but you’re shopping is based solely on looks, you will be buying carpet again, very soon. Tell your salesperson how you LIVE so that he/she can point you to product lines that are going to work for your lifestyle. And it is worth noting that there are some beautiful carpets with great durability; you just have to know where to look (see above tip!).

You shop for carpet with your hands; you live with carpet under your feet:

Okay, stick with me on this one. How often have you touched your current carpet with your hands? I mean grab the carpet yarns in-between your fingers and brush the fibers, feel the strands, etc… My guess is that you don’t. As you shop for new carpet all you are going to do is grab the carpet sample yarns in-between your fingers and brush the fibers. You might even rub the sample on your face, as you say “oh so soft!” (yes, people do this). Soft fibers are nice, and for most people it is important to buy a soft carpet. But don’t get too caught up in the soft game. Touch the carpet, make sure you like it. But be sure to ask about durability, stain resistance, and other important items on your lifestyle checklist.

This list isn’t intended to be the end-all tip sheet to carpet shopping. It is just a starting point to how to you should think about your carpet shopping experience. And, trust me, if you can follow my first tip and find a great carpet company to work with (like Champion Floor Company in Saint Louis) I know you will be happy at the end of the purchase.

And remember, fuzzy side up!