Let’s talk carpet runners! Whether you are looking to add durability, safety, or style to your steps, adding a carpet runner should be on the radar.

: Adding a carpet runner made of a durable carpet yarn like nylon or SmartStrand is a great way to get more from your steps. Save the wood and paint from the constant beating that your steps take from the everyday wear and tear with a nylon carpet runner. Runners protect the stairnosings from being worn down and the finishes from being worn off.

: The right carpet runner can make your steps safer for pets, kids, elderly occupants, or anyone else that may have issues with falling. Be sure to talk to your flooring specialist about your needs, but a fall down the carpeted steps can be less harmful than the bare wood. Also, it is easier on pet paws that tend to slip. When safety is the reason for carpeting the steps, make sure you pick a low profile cut.

: Probably the biggest reason we see our customers adding a runner to the steps, is décor. A new runner is a relatively cheap way to bring carpet patterns and color to a project. Much like area rungs, there is less permanency to the choice. And the small amount of carpet required for these types of projects make it a great place to splurge on what you really want.

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