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Putting the “Luxury” In Luxury Vinyl

When you think of luxury vinyl, do you see your grandmother’s old kitchen flooring, or do you see vibrant, high end floor coverings that are at home in even the most elegant surroundings? If you chose the latter, then it’s obvious you’ve researched this flooring at least a little bit. Now, more than ever, vinyl has reached heights that were once only dreamt of, at best. With options to suit every homeowner in America, it could be time to seriously consider this product for your own home.

Champion Floor Company cares deeply about matching homeowners with a floor covering that truly does what they need it to do. That means it meets not only every need, but every desire and whim as well. Our customers from St. Louis, Clayton, Kirkwood, Manchester, and Brentwood already know how committed we are to quality service and products. We’d like you to come by our St. Louis, MO showroom, so we can allow to you to experience it too.


Knowing luxury vinyl is right for you

It’s not so much a question of whether or not luxury vinyl is right for you. It’s more the process of finding out which one best suits your needs and then tailoring it to perfection. For instance, many homeowners love the look of all natural solid hardwood flooring, but prefer specific benefits in their flooring that hardwood doesn’t offer. That’s where vinyl flooring can step in and save the day.

The amazing way in which luxury vinyl flooring can mimic all natural materials means your guests are likely to never know it’s not actually the real thing. Thanks to a 3D printing process, the image layer takes on the very realistic look and feel of natural materials such as solid wood, ceramic or porcelain tile, and even a wide variety of stone. But we know looks aren’t everything.

LVF offers a stability and durability you’ll come to depend on at every turn. Whether it’s the way the planks make uneven flooring turn out better than ever, or the ultimate peace of mind that comes from the waterproof option, you’ll find more here than meets the eye. The protective wear layer helps to lengthen the lifespan of these floors by providing protection against stains, spills, UV rays and even some gouging.

When you bring all the benefits together into one amazing product, you might find luxury vinyl to be the epitome of flooring perfection.

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