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Hardwood Flooring Will Surpass Your Expectations

For anyone who has never experienced the luxury of hardwood flooring, you could find out it not only meets, but surpasses your needs and expectations. Its most prominent feature is easily the amazing life span it offers, but there is much more. The stability, durability, and options for unique styles and designs make it a sought-after floor covering by nearly every homeowner. In fact, once you research this product for yourself, you’ll soon see how well it fits your own needs.

At Champion Floor Company, our dedication to customer service and satisfaction shows, from the first point of contact. Not only will a real, live person answer the phone if you call, you’ll also be promptly greeted by an experienced flooring professional as soon as you arrive onsite at our St. Louis, MO showroom floor. From there, we already service the areas of St. Louis, Clayton, Kirkwood, Manchester, and Brentwood, and we look very forward to serving you as well.


The variety of hardwood flooring

There are so many options in hardwood flooring, it might actually surprise you. It’s amazing that one product can offer so many options for appearance and functionality, but this one fits the bill nicely. In fact, it can take some time to narrow everything down to the exact look you want for your floors.

No matter what you’re looking for, the very first choice is the species. This is based primarily on your traffic level, as more traffic warrants the need for harder species. Softer species are perfect for rooms where there is little to no traffic, and absolutely perfect for pantries and walk-in closets.

Once you’ve decided on a species, your next decision is the stain color you’d like. Some species accept stain better than other, so making the choice of species and stain color together is sometimes beneficial. Once you’ve gotten those two out of the way, then you plan on the perfect finish for your brand new floors. Many homeowners come in knowing that the glossy finish is the only one they want. Others are open to extended options such as hand scraped, distressed, and vintage. These are not only a gorgeous way to finish your floors, but can even resist many signs of everyday wear and tear.

One you’ve made all these important decisions, you installers will get to work. You’ll be left with an amazing and beautiful flooring that you’ll love to come home to for years to come.

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